Do Gooders Unite on the Social Web to Cause Global Impact

As featured in an article, Top 20 Communities to Join on Google+ via’s Daily Tips Blog:

Performing good deeds with social media does not have to seem like a lonely crusade when a motivated tribe of like-minded individuals back you up! Inspired by Gabriel Reynoso, learn how social media is distinctly helping to change the world through cause marketing, as well as contribute to your goals and find assistance accomplishing them.

Our mission is to promote the digital communications of registered nonprofit organizations, global foundations, and philanthropic endeavors to support humanitarian relief, cause social impact, increase quality of life, and improve the human condition worldwide.

The social web is a powerful tool, uniting an extraordinary group of Social Media Angels from the planet Earth. SM4GOOD delivers universal goodness via volunteerism, cause marketing, social media marketing, Internet marketing, online fundraising, SEO, NPTech, analytics, and a nice dose of daily inspiration. ☺

There are many organizations which need assistance navigating the realm of social media and technology. We are here to help bridge the gap of knowledge, increase the visibility of various causes, amplify their message, and teach them how to manage the technical aspects of their efforts to the point of self-sufficiency.

Join us today and donate any amount of time you can spare within the sub-sections where your knowledge is most dominant. The Social Media 4 Good Community focuses on supporting accredited and internationally recognized organizations. In the future, our members will determine how best to add credibility to independent crowdfunding campaigns in an effort to add value on a more personal and/or community based level. In the meantime, we will focus on what we know with certainty.

Helping do gooders be better do gooders with technology! This is exciting. Let’s go!

Our main platform is on Google+. The Social Media 4 Good Community currently has over 1400 members, including awesome organizations such as WomenOnCall,, and Action Donation Services (just to name a few) who contribute regularly to the community with fresh social media how-to’s and know-how. We are blessed to have a cast of other talented individuals who share their expertise as well.

Here are some other places across the social web where you can find SM4GOOD:

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